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You can help bring peace and security to children through the Revelation of Jesus Christ. You can watch the first Five Bible Studies without logging in by clicking on the links below.

Daniel Chapter 2  Video for Children
• Program #1 - Something You Can Trust
(In this Bible study the children learn that there is something that they can trust in this world. The Word of God, the Bible! God's prophecies show that He knows the future.)
(Click Here to Watch the Video)

The Second Coming of Jesus is the great Hope of Christians
• Program #2 - The Great Rescue
(In this Bible study the children learn about God's great rescue plan, the return of Jesus Christ to this Earth. The Bible teaches children that they don't have to be afraid!)
(Click Here to Watch the Video)

Origin of Evil, where did Sin start and with whom?
• Program #3 - The Origin of Selfishness
(In this Bible study lesson the children learn where selfishness and sin started. They are encouraged to look to the Lord Jesus Christ for power to resist Satan's temptations.)
(Click Here to Watch the Video)

The children learn of Jesus their Saviour
• Program #4 - Our Best Friend
(In this Bible study the children learn about their best Friend, the Lord Jesus Christ, and what He did to save them from sin.)
(Click Here to Watch the Video)

Bible study video on Daniel chapter 3 for Children
• Program #5 - Standing Out in a Crowd
(In this Bible Prophecy study the children learn from an event that happened to three of Christ's faithful followers long ago. This lesson will give them courage to face similar events in the future.)
(Click Here to Watch the Video)

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About these Children's Bible Studies
While geared for children ages 4 through 10, this exciting program is a blessing to children of all ages. At each program the children will also enjoy:

• Captivating Bible stories
(with the new Digital Felt Animated Bible graphics)
• Illustrated songs
Special activities
• And much more!

Children can expect to discover keys for positive living. They’ll love teacher Lisa’s vibrant and energetic style.

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Download Cards that you can print and use to invite your friends and neighbors. Hand them out at church, or in a park, or anywhere. This can be a great witnessing activity for children.
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